The ISIS Group was founded in 1997 by three former Grass Valley Group executives. The technical excellence, business ethics, and world-class customer service that made GVG a great company are ingrained in the culture of the ISIS Group.

In 2004, we increased our product line with the acquisition of Graham-Patten Systems, an Emmy-award winning manufacturer of audio mixing, conversion, and distribution equipment for the post-production and television industries.

In that same year, we also purchased Comprep, a local PCB assembly facility in business since 1990. This enables us to provide in-house quality control of our ISIS and Graham-Patten product production and also offer exceptional service, including turnkey, to other high-tech firms locally and across the country. We're proud of "Made in the USA"!

We are also proud to have been chosen to be the exclusive US distributor of MiniBlox, - solutions in the palm of your hand. These are rugged, compact conversion and distribution products that are ideally suited to both portable and studio applications. Check with us for new prices...many models much lower!

Over the past many years, the company has developed, and continues to develop, an impressive array of products, including routing switchers, protection switches, signal processing and conversion equipment, and digital audio mixing systems.

Below is a summary of the products available from The ISIS Group.


Routing Switchers
Digital Audio Mixing Systems
MiniBlox Digital Video and
Audio Building Blocks

  • All formats, including
  • Matrix sizes from 8x4 to 32x32
  • 20 different types of panels, for local or remote control




MiniBlox™ prices have changed!

Many models lowered significantly! Check with us for new price lists.


  • Self contained modules for digital video audio conversion and distribution
  • More than 30 different models, each housed in an extremely compact aluminum enclosure
  • Optional rack mounting kits available: up to 5 modules in 1RU; up to 14 modules in 2RU



MiniBlox models include:

  • 8-bit monitoring quality SDI to analog video converters
  • 10-bit broadcast quality SDI to analog video converters
  • 10-bit broadcast quality analog to SDI video converters
  • Digital and analog audio embedders
  • Digital and analog audio de-embedders
  • High definition and standard definition SDI distribution amplifiers
  • HD and SDI Audio Embedders
  • HD and SDI Audio De-Embedders
  • AES/EBU audio distribution amplifier
  • Audio encoder and decoder
  • Analog video distribution amplifier

MiniBlox overview

Protection Switches
SoundPals Digital Audio
Building Blocks


  • Provide bulletproof backup of critical on-air feeds
  • All formats, including
  • Signal presence detection on both inputs
  • Automatic or manual switchover

  • Self-contained modules for digital audio conversion, signal processing, and test
  • 18 different models, each housed in a compact aluminum enclosure
  • Optional rack mounting kit available: up to 3 modules in 1RU


Changeover Switch


  • 2X1 manual switch
  • Three types of switch modules, performing up to five functions
  • Video module switches either analog or digital video
  • Data module switches either RS422 or AES/EBU digital audio
  • Maximum input and output analog audio levels >+24dBu

Changeover switch overview


Distribution Amplifiers
Digital Audio Impedance Converters


  • High performance, low cost DA’s for analog audio, analog video, or SDI
  • 2RU mounting frames support up to 10 DA’s and dual power supplies

Distribution product overview

  • For error-free AES transmission over coaxial cable, upgrade your digital audio system with DATS converters.
  • AES formatted digital audio signals may be carried over 110Ω balanced cable or 75Ω unbalanced coaxial cable.

DATS Overview